The Suppliers Module

The supplier section refers to suppliers who sell you products or services. You can create new ones, or have the option of removing those with whom you do not do any business anymore.

The window has two panels: the left panel is the “List” panel, displaying a list of all your suppliers. You can order them by name by clicking once on the “Name” column. They will then order themselves from A to Z. If you re-click a second time on “Name”, then they will order themselves from Z to A. You can also order by providers’ phone numbers or city, by clicking the appropriate column.

The right panel is the “Details” panel and allows you to know all the information about a supplier. When you select a provider from the list on the left, the profile and contact information will be displayed. At any time, you can change the data of the provider. However, you must click “Save” at the bottom right for the change to be saved.

To add a new provider, press the “+” bottom of the window to the left. Enter your personal information provider in the “Profile” section. Once completed, click “Save”.

You can then add these details to the seller.

This section allows you to view the transactions relating to a particular supplier. Select a provider, determine the start and end period and click on “Search”. The list of purchases related to that provider will be displayed.

This section allows you to associate your products to the suppliers. It is also possible to reverse the action and involve your suppliers to the products by going in the section Products. Press the “+” at the bottom of the page, and find the associated product in the list. Enter the SKU of the product and choose “Add”. Remember to always click Save when you make changes to the supplier.

This section allows you to assign specific duties to a supplier, if necessary. Simply select the desired tax on the list. You can configure the taxes available in the Configuration section.

Since a supplier is probably associated with an invoice, an estimate or an order already registered, it is not possible to delete a supplier. However, if the supplier doesn’t do any business with you and you do not want his name to be displayed in your list of suppliers, it is possible to hide it by selecting it and pressing “Hide” in the bottom of the list. Then you must click Save for it to disappear.

The advanced Budj'Hète search system allows you to search any field name, phone number, address, etc.. Just type the word in the “Search” box at the top of the List panel and suggestions will appear.

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